Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We need few more essential items (SOON) IF she has to come out fashionably 2 weeks early. Since most of these are with my mother and her flight is in late november, so harus bershoppinglah kan

1) baby wrap
2) bath basin (found!)
3) swinging cradle. Under under huge decision making. we not yet decide to have one of these since there's too much stuff to ship

4) front carrier. Looking forward to get one of these in msia if there's a little use for new born.
5) lampin? hahaha oh pls. kne blajar u tube how to bath a baby and how to wear her a lampin:D. its cute!

By then we are ready to have her. For now, not yet

34+ weeks:)


  1. salam achik...
    remember me? amy kwn rhimi...btw, too late wish u 'slamat pngntin baru'(br tau dr rhimi)..n, cngrats for having a baby soon...still look great biar pun tgh pregnant..n u noe wut, i'm always read ur new post in ur blog..syok sgt bc cete haya...well, for 1 mnth+++ i'll be a wife like u..but not wit mie..kalo blik bln december just tell me yaa..u r invited to my wedding..k, laa...just tk cr there yaaa..jg haya elok2..=)

  2. salam amy,

    mestilah ingat lagi. dec acik tak balik msia. acik deliver kt aussie, baby kecil sgt lg nak bwk balik bln 12. eh rhimi dah kawin ke? hoho

    anyway, huge congratulations in advance ok! take care and monitor your money flow in and out:D acik terover bujet bnyk gile kot time kahwin dlu:(