Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Final talk was crap. I weren't well prepared to speak to the audience, did not even practised. I made myself look like a foolish but anyway, what's done is done. But i were bloody tooo nervous!!!! (uppsss, klo encik suami terbaca perkataan "bloody" ni mesti dia marah) that I had explosive diarrhoea right after came out from the lecture theater. Even the lady next to my toilet cube was curious what kind of "terror attack" i'm struggling with.

She knocked the toilet door " are you ok?". It was my fault that i tried to make a joke over serious matter. "no im not, im popping out". That panicking her to death so she yelled out for help. Im sorry, im just overly depressed:(

oklah nak pergi membaca novel "someone like you"

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