Saturday, October 24, 2009

False labor

How scary...

I woke up with massive back-pain and huge craving for churos. He drove me to victoria market, I got my churos and smiles to ear:)))))

This is the only day that I got some sort of scary feeling to be left alone at home. I can feel strong signals that haya is on her way out. Or at least, close to her "day-out". Haya pls hold in there a while longer. Ibu got final project presentation next week, then you can come out anytime, anywhere u like. ok? deal? No respond. Maybe she doesn't like the idea of being a featus for another one week. she wants to be a baby ASAP. My baby wants to be an incubator baby if she decided to come out fashionably 2 weeks early. sigh

Can you wait untul mak tok and nenek are here? Ibu needs my medications and corset too:(

p/s: mayday! mayday! I start having colesterum leaking. which means?

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