Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello 2012.

SO! I finally have my mood back on writing. Hello world!!!
And my last entry was couple years back, heavily pregnant with Alisya, and we were still in Melbourne. We rent a very cute small flat and in there, I spent most of my free time cooking and playing with my cat.So that was long long time ago. Now? Now?????

11)      2 kids
22)      Weight  46 (Still)
33)      Surprisingly, no pet
44)      Work in Perlis. 100km journey backandforth EVERYDAY. Tiring!
55)      Sunset lover
66)      About to move in to a new house.
77)      Eligible to vote for coming election
88)      Lovesssss SEWING
99)      Lovesssss DESIGNING
110)   Lovesssss COOKING
111)   Lovesssss CLEANING
112)   Lovesssss DRIVING

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rezeki Anak


Hari ini terlalu banyak berita gembira untuk ibu dan abah.

Abah jumpe minyak telon Haya!

Sewa rumah dah bayar:) Oyeah!

Membeli buah durian madu dan memasak pulut kukus kegemaran abah. Abah tersangatlah mengidam nak makan durian dgn pulut kukus. smlm ibu ajak pergi beli dia tak mahu. kesian ibu penat nak jalan jauh pergi asian groceries katanya. tp pagi tadi, dia beli pulut ketupat palas tp takde durian. ketupat palas pulak tu hahahahha mna boleh makan dgn durian ishk ishk suamiku suamiku..... maka ibu pon pergilah cari durian dan "beras pulut" untuk abah.... tejumpe pulak durian madu yg tersgt sedap menjilat jari (im not big fan of durian tp ni sedap betul tipah tak tipu)

INI KNE BOLD DAN HIGHLIGHT hahaha.... Ibu baru dpt email markah untuk final presentation ibu yg crap tak tau nak ckplah. sampai cirit birit lepas final talk punya tak confident sbb tak practise langsung even sekali. pastu slide pon takde org check pakai suke hati je buat ikut hati dan kepala sendiri. tawakkal, demi haya ibu berusaha nak habiskan honours ni cheh cheh. target pass pon cukuplah. tiba2 mendapat email,

well done! 80/100 whooooot whooooot!!!!!!

ok abah kne blanje ibu makan kat smorgy's weekend ini hooray!

Rezeki anak namanya ini:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Worries


The second post in an hour due to boredom.

I no need to worry about not having minyak telon and appropriate herba for post-pregnancy treatment. He brought back home a bottle of minyak telon this morning, which i found amazing to be found here in aussie.

There could also be few herbals available and for the mother, so tak payah risau pasal sakit urat lagi. masalah berbengkung pon nampaknya akan selesai kerna corset beautiful premium yg dibeli sebelum kahwin amatlah bagus untuk ibu baru lepas bersalin. hihi

Plan nak bershopping barang baby pon cancle sbb encik suami pulang awal dan mahu menghabiskan masa bersama eceh:)))))))) so sy cuma menghabiskan masa memasak didapur, mengemop dan mencuci lantai dapur, membasuh baju dan membersihkan carpet.

Anyway, bnyk betul surat court lately. jahat betul dorang ni asyik nk korek duit ktorg yg takde duit. jgn harapla nak byr


We need few more essential items (SOON) IF she has to come out fashionably 2 weeks early. Since most of these are with my mother and her flight is in late november, so harus bershoppinglah kan

1) baby wrap
2) bath basin (found!)
3) swinging cradle. Under under huge decision making. we not yet decide to have one of these since there's too much stuff to ship

4) front carrier. Looking forward to get one of these in msia if there's a little use for new born.
5) lampin? hahaha oh pls. kne blajar u tube how to bath a baby and how to wear her a lampin:D. its cute!

By then we are ready to have her. For now, not yet

34+ weeks:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Final talk was crap. I weren't well prepared to speak to the audience, did not even practised. I made myself look like a foolish but anyway, what's done is done. But i were bloody tooo nervous!!!! (uppsss, klo encik suami terbaca perkataan "bloody" ni mesti dia marah) that I had explosive diarrhoea right after came out from the lecture theater. Even the lady next to my toilet cube was curious what kind of "terror attack" i'm struggling with.

She knocked the toilet door " are you ok?". It was my fault that i tried to make a joke over serious matter. "no im not, im popping out". That panicking her to death so she yelled out for help. Im sorry, im just overly depressed:(

oklah nak pergi membaca novel "someone like you"

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ibu kepada Ibu

I called mum. I cried.

Here are some few beautiful tips on how to manage the soo-called painful experienced of labor.

"Do not bring your butt up when u feel the pain of giving birth. Cool down, and let it ease on its own"

" baca doa ini- (now i forgot) nanti tanya mak"

"amalkan surah mariam"

"eat small meals (i.e snacks) in an hourly interval"

"mintak ampun dgn suami kalau ada terberdosa dgnnya"

And I accidently forgot the rest. No wonder she keeps pushing me to write down what she said rather than "ok mak acik ingat".... end up "mak ulang balik pls". Sy syg ibu dan ayah sy:)

I scared Mr Hubby this morning with the thought of having Haya while he's out working. he called me once an hour to double check whether if the backpain has gone, whether if I have fever and whether if I have broken water. None of these applied so he should stop worrying himself to death.

(comel tak stokin haya?) hihi

Last hospital visit tomorrow and I horribly missed my cat, Sukija:(

(takde gmbr encik suami yg terbaru. cuma ada gambar kari udang dgn nenas kegemarannya. Looked through the prawns I can see him smiling hahaha muke pon dah cop udang sbb satu minggu asyik makan udang)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

False labor

How scary...

I woke up with massive back-pain and huge craving for churos. He drove me to victoria market, I got my churos and smiles to ear:)))))

This is the only day that I got some sort of scary feeling to be left alone at home. I can feel strong signals that haya is on her way out. Or at least, close to her "day-out". Haya pls hold in there a while longer. Ibu got final project presentation next week, then you can come out anytime, anywhere u like. ok? deal? No respond. Maybe she doesn't like the idea of being a featus for another one week. she wants to be a baby ASAP. My baby wants to be an incubator baby if she decided to come out fashionably 2 weeks early. sigh

Can you wait untul mak tok and nenek are here? Ibu needs my medications and corset too:(

p/s: mayday! mayday! I start having colesterum leaking. which means?