Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello 2012.

SO! I finally have my mood back on writing. Hello world!!!
And my last entry was couple years back, heavily pregnant with Alisya, and we were still in Melbourne. We rent a very cute small flat and in there, I spent most of my free time cooking and playing with my cat.So that was long long time ago. Now? Now?????

11)      2 kids
22)      Weight  46 (Still)
33)      Surprisingly, no pet
44)      Work in Perlis. 100km journey backandforth EVERYDAY. Tiring!
55)      Sunset lover
66)      About to move in to a new house.
77)      Eligible to vote for coming election
88)      Lovesssss SEWING
99)      Lovesssss DESIGNING
110)   Lovesssss COOKING
111)   Lovesssss CLEANING
112)   Lovesssss DRIVING

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