Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ibu kepada Ibu

I called mum. I cried.

Here are some few beautiful tips on how to manage the soo-called painful experienced of labor.

"Do not bring your butt up when u feel the pain of giving birth. Cool down, and let it ease on its own"

" baca doa ini- (now i forgot) nanti tanya mak"

"amalkan surah mariam"

"eat small meals (i.e snacks) in an hourly interval"

"mintak ampun dgn suami kalau ada terberdosa dgnnya"

And I accidently forgot the rest. No wonder she keeps pushing me to write down what she said rather than "ok mak acik ingat".... end up "mak ulang balik pls". Sy syg ibu dan ayah sy:)

I scared Mr Hubby this morning with the thought of having Haya while he's out working. he called me once an hour to double check whether if the backpain has gone, whether if I have fever and whether if I have broken water. None of these applied so he should stop worrying himself to death.

(comel tak stokin haya?) hihi

Last hospital visit tomorrow and I horribly missed my cat, Sukija:(

(takde gmbr encik suami yg terbaru. cuma ada gambar kari udang dgn nenas kegemarannya. Looked through the prawns I can see him smiling hahaha muke pon dah cop udang sbb satu minggu asyik makan udang)

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